Joining A High School Baseball Team Essay

Joining A High School Baseball Team Essay

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Joining a high school baseball team was a commitment. It took over every second of my life; it occupied my every thought and motivated everything I did. My high school baseball team was not easy to become a part of. First I needed prove my skills in tryouts. Then I had to prove my credibility and demonstrate those skills in games while under pressure. Finally I needed to become a brother to every player on that team, I had to be there and have the backs of every single person who shared the dugout with me. My experiences of joining the team included needing to demonstrate and master the logos, ethos, and pathos skills required to be a member of that sacred brotherhood.
First I would be only be accepted as a member of the baseball team if could prove my worth on the practice field and demonstrate my skills as a fielder and hitter. The first opportunity to prove that came at tryouts. Tryouts are the time to showcase everything you’ve got, from making the simple plays to laying out and making a diving catch in the outfield. When it was my turn to make that play I felt all eyes on me, silently judging me. Everyone was doing it, the coaches to determine rank among the hopeful newcomers and among the veterans, the veterans watching me, trying to see if I was a threat to their starting role, and even the other players trying out, hoping I would fail so I wouldn’t surpass them for a spot on the team.
I was primarily a fielder so during tryouts I had 3 chances to prove my skills. The first chance came in the infield, my specialty. The coaches had us line up at shortstop, we would field a groundball and sling it over to first base as if we were throwing out a runner. When it was my turn, I knew I needed to impress. Luckily for me our coach...

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...f my brothers through hard work and dedication to the team that I was now a part of. Everyone who was truly accepted by the other guys had a nickname, I knew I was a member of the brotherhoods when I was given my own, “Bull”.
Now I had finally become a member of that team. I had shown my mastery of logos during tryouts, I had earned the trust and credibility needed through clutch plays in high stakes games to master ethos, and I had mastered pathos by becoming a member of the sacred brotherhood through my work ethic and passion for improving myself and therefore, the team. It took a combination of all those logos, ethos, pathos skills to be a member of this community and I believe it helped me develop those skills in more than just baseball. From here I can use these skills to enter future communities, and improve myself in other communities I’m currently a part of.

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