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Johnson & Johnson : Consumer Products Essay

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Johnson&Johnson has been a consumer products manufacturer since 1886 and it is divided into three divisions which includes medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and consumer healthcare products. They create products in order to help and care people around the world and assist doctors and nurses to provide the best care for patients. Johnson&Johnson creates consumer products such as Neutrogena, Aveeno, and over the counter medications such as Tylenol and Motrin. They also create medical devices for surgeries and other specialties such as wound closure in order to enhance patient care and bring greater precision in surgery. The business model that this company approaches is that it sells its products to hospitals, healthcare professionals, drug wholesalers and retailers, and patients in order to gain profit. They work with wholesalers to convince hospitals and doctors to buy their devices. In other countries, the Medical Devices division provides financial assistance for the patients so that they are able to provide their products to everyone who needs it. They market their consumer products to the general public and make sure to share the market across non-US markets. Johnson&Johnson has 250 companies in 60 countries and it sells its products in over 200 countries. This company shares half of its revenue to non-US markets which suggests that their main focus is to make sure that every person has quality care and health systems around the world.
The general business environment that Johnson&Johnson has been able to attain is to make sure that they satisfy their customers and understand different approaches in dealing with threats. The economic environment has allowed this company to strategize and analyze their plans ...

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...s and help grow more opportunities for them as well as strong team work in projects. Some of the benefits that they obtain for their employees include commuter benefits programs, life insurance, and other benefits which demonstrate the motivation they bring towards their employees.
Overall, Johnson and Johnson has been a large and most successful pharmaceutical company since 1886. The amount of focus they obtain in the quality of their products demonstrates how exceptional the research and development that the company offers. Their strategies helps identify the problem that people face globally and provide solution in improving the quality of life around the world as well as providing opportunities for new ideas of their products. In conclusion, Johnson and Johnson has built a reputable brand and it will continue to help improve the way of life for the future.

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