The Johns Hopkins Hospital Long History Essay

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Long History Essay

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital long history has likewise possessed the capacity to give broad budgetary data that has been given consistently in monetary reports. These reports have given significant data to speculators investigating the organization of its current and past financial responsibility to its community and internal stakeholders.

Balance Sheet Case Study of John Hopkins Hospital
The Johns Hopkins Hospital officially opened May 7, 1889. It was the first teaching hospital, designed to unite functions of patient care with education and research. Today the hospital has evolved into one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country (The Alan Mason Chesney, 2015). The Johns Hopkins Hospital long history has also been able to provide extensive financial information that has been provided every year in financial reports. These reports have given valuable information to investors, other companies, and individuals looking into the company. By analyzing the financial statements such as the balance sheet (how much money the company has and owes), income statement (profitability of the company), and cash flow statement (how the money is being spent) of Johns Hopkins Hospital we can see a glimpse of financial history for June 30,2012.
Along with the statement of cash flows and income statement, the balance sheet is one of the three most important documents used by investors to understand the financial condition of a company. Structurally, the balance sheet is relatively simple in concept. Every company 's balance sheet is comprised of three elements: assets, liabilities, and equity (Money-Zine, 2004).

The current assets listed on the balance sheet are listed in order of their liquidity within one business cycle. Current assets...

... middle of paper ...

...n time.

There are two pension plans covering all employees at John Hopkins Hospital. The funding policy for both plans is to make sufficient contributions to meet the Internal Revenue Service minimum funding requirements. The assets of both plans as of June 30, 2012 consisted of cash and cash equivalents, listed stocks, corporate bonds, government securities and alternative investments, but the liabilities of the two pension plans are exceeding the assets and the plan is underfunded with a negative balance of 290,783.
After reviewing the financial statements of Johns Hopkins Hospital for the reporting period of June 30,2012, the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement showed a glimpse of financial history. The balance sheet for Johns Hopkins Hospital does balance even though there were small discrepancies with some of the reported information.

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