Essay on Johnny Tremain from Boy to Man

Essay on Johnny Tremain from Boy to Man

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"When he had been the prize apprentice of Hancock's Wharf, the envy of all the other masters, the principal bread-winner of the Laphams (and he knew it), he had been quite a different boy from the arrogant, shabby young tramp of late summer and early fall." (pg. 126) As Johnny Tremain progressed through the book, Johnny Tremain, he experienced major changes in his personality, demeanor, and thoughts. These changes all led back to one major event in the young boy’s life, when Johnny burnt his hand, crippling it in the process. Johnny Tremain was a young apprentice for his master, Mr. Lapham, a silversmith. Because of the apprentices’ newly crippled hand, he had to learn to have a different outlook on life; therefore, changing him into a better person. As Johnny Tremain traveled throughout his life, he was changed from a boy to a man; he was no longer proud, callous, and temperamental - the signs of a boy - but instead he was humble, caring, and placid - true signs of a man.
At the beginning of the novel, Johnny Tremain, Johnny was very proud. Proverbs 8:13 says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” In the story, the proud youth slowly learned this lesson. In the opening, Johnny refused to be friends with the other apprentices, Dove and Dusty. He felt as if he was too good for them although he knew he could easily become their friends, for it says on page five that, “He knew his power and reveled in it. He could have easily made friends with Dove, for Dove was lonely and admired Johnny as well as envied him. Johnny preferred to bully him.” Dove was fed-up with Johnny’s boastful attitude, so when Johnny was constructing a sugar basin and asked Dove to get him a crucible, Dove gave him a cracked one...

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...t the events, for Johnny said, “’You were right about one thing. Priscilla Tremain – that’s a fine name’ he had meant to make a joke, but at the words left his mouth, it was not.” (pg. 217)
As you read the book Johnny Tremain from the front to the back you see a young boy change into a mature man. Although you cannot see into the future of Johnny Tremain, you know that he will be respected and make wise decisions as an adult because he learned from his many mistakes at a young age. He changes from being proud to humble, having a fiery temper to being understanding and calm, and from selfish to a very caring man. As all of these pieces fit together to get a mature young man. At the end of the story, a woman posed a question. “’How old are you Johnny’ she asked. ‘Sixteen.’ ‘And what's that-a boy or a man?’ He laughed. ‘A boy in time of peace and a man in time of war.’”

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