Johnny and Ponyboy are Innocent of Murder Essays

Johnny and Ponyboy are Innocent of Murder Essays

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This morning October 8th 1965 at about 5:13 am the body of Bob Sheldon was found lying next to the park fountain he was seen to be in a pool of blood. His body had a single stab wound in his back which had pierced his heart, killing him instantly. Supposed eye witnesses say that a small boy who was a member of the "Greaser Gang" attacked and killed Bob and intended to kill the rest of them. Cherry Valance claims that she was walking with Johnny and Ponyboy after the movies when Bob approached them in his car and threatened the two them. Be on the lookout for the two boys with the description of one that has long light-brown hair, green eyes, and is about five feet tall and another has long jet-black hair, large black eyes, and is about four feet six inches. The first one is considered to be Ponyboy and the second one is considered to be Johnny. The two are now on the run they were last seen at a party with Dally. Investigators report that Dally says he has no idea where these two are but he thinks that they are going to Mexico. A woman was taking a walk through the park and discovered the bloody corpse she said “I was hesitant at first because I thought they were watching me, but I gained some courage and called 911” the friends that were their helping Bob bully the 2 said they were there during the homicide, but decided not to call the police because they were drunk and they were scared after seeing him dead. They said, the murderer was a 16 year old boy named Johnny Cade.
Cherrys description of what happened states “Sheldon and his friends were driving around town at about 3-4am, while they were drunk, and saw Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade walking in Central Park. Sheldon was angry at them for watching a movie with me and wen...

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...tly on the ground through a small window. When all of the kids were saved, the roof caved in while Johnny was still left in the church the roof caved in and later fell on Johnny’s back Ponyboys’ arm was on fire and that’s when one of the other heroes, Dallas Winston, came to help but he was far too late and one was seriously injured
Dallas dragged Curtis out through the window and started hitting his arm since it was on fire. Then, there was a loud scream from the church and Winston jumped into the church to get Johnny out of the building.
Luckily, all of the children were saved by the time the church was totally burned down. Ponyboy Johnny and Dallas were taken to the hospital. Ponyboy was released after a few hours and Dallas has a badly burned arm. However, Cade is in a critical condition. He has a burned back from when the roof caved in and he is paralyzed

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