Essay about John Winthrop's Life and Accomplishments

Essay about John Winthrop's Life and Accomplishments

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John Winthrop came to America to avoid the depression in England and escape oppression from Charles I, a king who was impatient with Puritan reformers. Though Winthrop wasn’t a separatist, he embraced Puritan ideas and “wished to reform the national church from within, purging it of everything that harked back to Rome, especially the hierarchy of the clergy and all the traditional Catholic rituals”. He left England for his own self-interests rather than embarking to create a colony independent of England; he was not in the presence of the other founding fathers when they signed the declaration, nor he did not fight in the revolution.
Winthrop is not considered a founding father because he only founded the Massachusetts Bay colony in New England. “Winthrop was chosen governor in October 1629; for the next twenty years most of the responsibility for the colony rested in his hands”. He shouldn’t be considered a founding father because he merely raised a colony, while others fought for the birth of America and its independence from England. In his sermons, “A Model of Christian Charity”, he preaches the message to “love thy neighbor” and the expectations to bear the burden and grace of making a “covenant with God”. Winthrop is not considered a founding father because his works deal with the recurring theme of “love is the bond of perfection”. He is not fueled by revolutionary spirit, but he simply desires to change the church.
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Before his departure to New England, John Winthrop prepared a speech where he preaches of loving thy neighbor and the loss of the individual for the good of the whole. Throughout his speech, he references many biblical verses that emphasize those ideas and presents them to a large assembly of thos...

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...ave ceased. This demonstrates Winthrop's vice of being too tolerant, letting members of the colony still be influenced by Hutchinson.
Despite her beliefs threatening both civil and ecclesiastical law, Hutchinson’s presence was not immediately removed from the community, for she “appeared again; (she had been licensed by the court, in regard she had given hope of her repentance, to at Mr. Cotton’s house that both he and Mr. Davenport might have more opportunity to deal with her)”. In dragging out Mrs. Hutchinson’s case, she still continued to defy the wishes of the church, “much to the astonishment of all the assembly”, displaying another instance of tolerance because she still lingers in the community. “So that after much time and many arguments had been spent to bring her to see her sin, but all in vain, the church with one consent cast her out”.

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