Essay on John Tyler: The Accident that Happened

Essay on John Tyler: The Accident that Happened

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He was the first president to take office after another president had perished. He was labeled “his accidency” but a great leader indeed. Who is this president? Let’s find out…

To begin with, John Tyler was born in Charles City, Virginia on March 29, 1790. His particular birthplace was on a big plantation called Greenway where he spent his first years. As a child, John was gentle and polite, but could be strong and stubborn when he desired to. His parents, John Tyler Sr. and Mary Marot Armistead Tyler both took care of John and his siblings until they were old enough to care for themselves. As a child, John enjoyed writing poetry and playing the violin in his spare time in order to keep himself occupied.

When he got older, John Tyler was a family oriented man. He married Letitia Christian and the two had 8 kids together. Then, Letitia suffered a stroke and passed away on September 10, 1842, leaving John alone. Luckily, two years later he met and eventually married Julia Gardiner, and they had 7 more children. This became the greatest amount of kids a president had ever fathered back then! However, on January 18, 1862 at the young age of 71, John Tyler passed away from an illness of bronchitis.

Furthermore, John Tyler was someone who took education quite seriously. He attended elementary and secondary school at local Virginia places, and was born and bred to be a Virginia gentlemen of the old school. Although he studied politics, history and law, John thought of becoming a violinist (meanwhile leading the Charles City Rifles team). At age 19, he became a lawyer and studied law with his father as an early job.

John Tyler was soon old enough to enroll in college, and did so at the College of William and Mary in Virgi...

... middle of paper ... the chance to be the leader he was destined to be. Even when the odds were against him and everyone told him to resign, John Tyler shaped the country by being the first vice president to take over the role as president. He is a natural-born Virginia boy who had become the 10th president of the United States, and he stayed strong every moment while in the White House.

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