John Stuart Mill And The Utilitarian Principle Essay

John Stuart Mill And The Utilitarian Principle Essay

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John Stuart Mill believes in the utilitarian principle that no action in of itself is good or bad, but the consequences of the action. People who believe in the utilitarian principle agrees that the way to judge an action’s morality is by seeing if it promotes the greatness amount of happiness, or pleasure, to the greatest amount of people. Based on that belief, Mill thinks that the only possible standard to judge ethics is happiness. Every action that we take, whether it be for short-term pleasure (lower-order pleasures) or if it’s for long term pleasure (higher-order pleasures), the tail end result for doing anything in this lifetime is to be truly happy. He also believes that happiness is the only thing that can be universally, in terms of judging ethics, and we speaks of happiness, he isn’t just speaking of the pleasures in life, happiness can be just as simple as feeling no pain.
The cliché example that displays utilitarianism is the question, “Would you kill one person, to save one hundred people?” One that believes in the utilitarian principle would agree to this with no hesitation because it promotes the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people, which is the main principle of Utilitarianism. Another example of this, is the story of Robin Hood. Robin Hood tells the tale of a man that steals from the rich and gives on to the poor. In this case, utilitarians would find nothing wrong with this man stealing money from people, because we don’t give actions their own morality, only thing that makes an action good or bad is the consequences that proceed them. So, this is morally acceptable based on that standard because the consequences are relatively good because the greatest amount of happiness is being ...

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...n the ideal way Mill thinks it would is because there is not definite calculus to determine the amount of happiness, or pain, that any given action can inflict on a person. So at this point, I feel that this theory can based on the assumption that all humans get the same amount of pleasure, and that’s absolutely not the case.
In conclusion, I do not agree with Utilitarianism because it demanding you to do what you know is wrong in some cases. Also, it is inconsistent in it’s message, also I feel that it is asking you to consider everybody’s happiness before making a decision and I think that is asking for too much from one person. Finally, utilitarianism sounds like it’s based on assumptions that every human is satisfied equally by various actions, therefore happiness can not be the ultimate standard because the way to achieve happiness isn’t universal for everyone.

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