John Ross Browne and The Imperial Valley City Essay

John Ross Browne and The Imperial Valley City Essay

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“This land has a peculiar charm…in the rich atmospheric tints that hung…and the boundless wastes that lay outspread,” best-selling author John Ross Browne, writing in 1871.

Since Browne made his early travel notes, the Imperial Valley has changed significantly, not least because of the water diverted into it from the Colorado. The internationally renowned engineer George Chaffey formed the Imperial Land Company which undertook this extensive irrigation project that meant the valley could be settled. As well as the cities of Imperial and Calexico, the towns of Brawley and Heber were founded as a result of the early twentieth century development. Today, the recreation facilities close to Imperial transform the desert into a popular tourist destination and the city is well served by the nearby Imperial County Airport which offers frequent scheduled services to both Burbank and San Diego. The city covers an area of just under six square miles and is only about a twenty minute drive to the international border. You won’t be surprised to learn that, because of its location so far south, the city enjoys a hot and desert-like climate.

Moving To Imperial

There are approaching 15,000 people that live in Imperial and something like four and a half thousand households. The range city apartments to choose from is good. You can find a one bedroom apartment for rent in Imperial in the center of the city, close to North Imperial Avenue. Many of these will be apartments with paid utltities, making it easy for you to plan your outgoings in advance. In the areas further from the center there is – generally speaking – more space and you are more likely to find a duplex for rent than an apartment. Many of the suburban residential streets in these ...

... middle of paper ...

... other on Crown Court.

It is worth remembering that The Imperial is a part of a wider community. The Desert Southwest community encompassing settlements and cities that incldue Calexico, Heber, El Centro, Brawley, Holtville and Calipatria. For many residents, it is this larger community that make Imperial, which is reasonably centrally located within it, so attractive. Although Imperial has shops, it does not have its own mall. Nevetheless, this is hardly a problem when you consider that there are two good ones in El Centro, both of which are only a few minutes’ drive away. In the winter, you can expect Imperial Valley’s population to swell a little as there is usually an influx of people on their vacation seeking some of the welcome winter sun. Many of these visitors use RV parks and don’t settle for long, so they tend not to push up the cost of city apartments.

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