John Rollin Ridge And Joaquin Murieta Essay

John Rollin Ridge And Joaquin Murieta Essay

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a.This document was written for Nonfiction lovers. The article, “John Rollin Ridge and Joaquín Murieta” has life learning experience that you can implement in your life. Joaquín is an innocent and honest man which results being punished for his honesty. Being an honest individual doesn 't always get you far in life but instead you can be persecuted which result of turning into criminal in society.

2. DOCUMENT INFORMATION (There are many possible ways to answer A-D.)

A.List three things the author said that you think are important:

i. If you were guilty of a crime and about to be hung. You have little chance of disproving that you are not quality of your crime. Before you have a saying, the other individual (the person who 's about to execute you) has the first saying. He has the advantage by speaking to the public first and convincing you are guilt of your crime. “Had succeeded in exciting the fury of the crowd to such an extent that the doomed men were allowed no opportunity to justify themselves” (1).

ii. The state that Joaquín Murieta was from the white men considered themselves law of man and called themselves Americans. If you weren 't white in his state they were stereotypical and xenophobia which they considered you not human without rights. Thought didn 't like blacks they despised mexicans as well too, which they considered them as slaves as the blacks. He said: “considered them as a conquered race, without rights or privileges, and only fitted for serfdom or slavery.”

iii. Even if you haven 't commited a crime they would find something to harass you and even take your best friend which could be considered your wife. Joaquín Murieta hadn 't committed a crime yet th...

... middle of paper ...

...t the government has placed to see if you 're guilty of your crime or not. You also don 't have people screaming and yelling at you that you deserve to die for your crime. The last thing you want to hear or see is people celebrating your death before you die.

ii. If you were white you had an advantage. You could easily steal, kill, or hurt an individual and blame on the other race. The writer explains at the end of the article, Joaquín Murieta, was innocent of his crimes. They tied him up on tree and embarrassed him in front of the public which included lashing him for stealing the horse. They killed his brother, friend, wife, and punish him for stealing horse that was his friends. Whites did not have consequences for their action whether they were right or wrong. They were above the law which included killing, hurting, and stealing from anyone that wasn 't white.

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