John Q and Conflict Perspective Essay

John Q and Conflict Perspective Essay

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I chose the movie John Q to apply to the conflict perspective. This movie stars Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, James Wood, and Ray Liotta. Denzel plays the part of a father, John Archibald, who has been a factory worker for over fifteen years. While attending his son’s, Mikey, softball game Mikey collapses while running to first base. John and his wife rush him to the hospital and discover Mikey’s heart is three times larger than it should be and he will need a heart transplant in order to live. The only problem is the heart transplant costs $ 270,000 and their needs to be a down payment of at least $ 75,000 to put a name on the donor list. With john working in a factory and his wife just being a waitress they clearly do not have that kind of money and are even having a hard time paying their bills at home. They have no stocks or bonds, $ 1,000 in their bank account, and don’t even own their home plus their insurance will not cover the surgery. If Mikey does not undergo surgery he will only have a few months to live. This leads John and his wife to do everything in their power to raise money. They sell their television, car, and furniture along with the church giving them the collection money. Filling for Medicade , welfare, and different insurance does not work and are out of luck at this point. John decides he needs to do something quick or he will lose his son soon. He goes to the head person of cardiology, Dr. Turner, holds a gun to his back and tells him to do something to help his soon. He ends up holding the entire emergency room in hostage and chains the doors shut. He says that if his son’s name is put on the list then he will let the hostages go and no one will get hurt. Rebecca Paine, the hospital manager, lies to Jo...

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...n 2006). Relating to the movie, the behavioral expectation that is held consists of if medical treatment is needed a person will receive it if they or their insurance will pay for it. Violation of this is seen when John holds up the hospital until he receives what he is asking for. The societal reaction in response to John is very mixed. Some people see it as wrong and that he should just abide by the rules like everyone else. On the other hand, others see him as a hero for doing such an outlandish act for his family. John makes an announcement to the police that are surrounding the building after he lets three of the hostages go and says “When people are sick they deserve help. I will not bury my son, he will bury me” (John Q). After he says this he strongly wins over the public and people began to realize he does not mean harm and just wants his son to be better.

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