Essay on John Proctor 's Most Courageous Moments

Essay on John Proctor 's Most Courageous Moments

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John Proctor’s most courageous moments
Arthur miller constructed some courageous characters throughout his play The Crucible. John Proctor is thought of as a good man who lusted at one point however earned back his goodness. The one with the greatest amount of courage would have to be John Proctor. Although he had made some poor decisions, he didn’t shy away from them like the rest of the village did. He did what all the others were too afraid to do. Most people would say that Giles Corey was the most courageous because he didn’t confess to witch craft either, but in addition to not confessing John Proctor also went against what Abigail was saying because he knew why she was doing it.
John was a good man who sinned and it was a sin that was hard to be forgiven, but he had the courage to admit what he did. John and Elizabeth Proctor’s relationship was always a little distant. John made a mistake by lusting and giving in to Abigail’s devious idea. Awhile after it came out, Elizabeth fired Abigail from being their house keeper. Seven months later Elizabeth still has her suspicions about it and the topic comes up again. Proctor says as Elizabeth interrogates him in their kitchen, “No more! I should have roared you down when first you told me your suspicion. But I wilted, and, like a Christian, I confessed. Confessed...” (2.55) When Elizabeth first asked him about it, he confessed it. He could have just as easily denied it, but he had the courage to own up to his mistakes. This is probably the hardest thing a man can confess to his partner. Later in that act Salem’s people come to find Elizabeth because she was accused of witchcraft by Abigail and her friends. Proctor becomes infuriated and says, “… Why do you never wonder if Parris b...

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...l ruin the pureness of his name.
Proctor was a good Christian man who took a wrong turn in life by a bad decision. He later found that he could regain his goodness by not confessing of something he did not do which was witchcraft. He did what others could not do and his courage got him executed, but he found the goodness in himself by making that decision. Therefore he was the most courageous character out of the whole cast. Most of what happened in Salem evolved around Proctor’s life decisions, and it was all falling apart because of one mistake.

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