Essay about John Procter: The Tragic Hero of The Crucible, by Arthur Miller

Essay about John Procter: The Tragic Hero of The Crucible, by Arthur Miller

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The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller is a tale about truth on trial. John Proctor is one of the main characters in the play and is also the tragic hero. Throughout the play, John Proctor shows one strong side of himself. He shows himself as a stern and strong minded man. He shows himself as a harsh man who doesn’t back down from challenges and who is committed to his goals. John Proctor’s character in The Crucible is a static character because throughout the play, John Proctor stays true to himself and remains harsh and adamant about his beliefs about the trials and he tries his best to expose the lies and set the truth free.
John Proctor has always condemned the trials and has been adamant that the trials were based on wrong facts because he knows that the foundation of the trials is on lies told by Abigail Williams and the girls of Salem. When John Proctor realizes that the trial is getting away from him and Abigail Williams is lying and pulling the judges towards her he lets his thoughts free and shouts “You are pulling Heaven down and raising up a whore” (120). He directs these comments not only at Abigail, but also at judge Danforth. In his eyes, judge Danforth has fallen under Abigail’s trap and he believes that the truth is being buried deep and ignorance is being surfaced. He believes that the basic morals of the Christian faith are being suppressed and what God has commanded not to do, is being done. In between the words he is also secretly implying that the whole judicial system of Salem is in shambles and they cannot differ from right and wrong. In Proctor’s eyes, judge Danforth is doing the complete opposite of what his job is. Instead of saving the innocent and punishing the guilty, he is punishing the innocent and...

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...ard too be picked off and thrown onto someone else. John Proctor did not feel comfortable accusing the innocent. John’s honesty and truthfulness is evident throughout the whole play.
John Proctor epitomizes an honest man who stays strong on his beliefs. Although he faced problems and hurdles he tried his best to stay strong and fight for the truth. In the end, it may not have gone his way but he still fought for the lies to be exposed and for the truth to be revealed. John Proctor is a static character in The Crucible because throughout the whole play, he tries to free the truth and bury the lies, he stays true to himself and he is adamant about his standing with the court and the trials. Although he was eventually put to death, John Proctor, the tragic hero of the play did what he could to free his town from the lies and suspicions Abigail had brought upon it.

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