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John Paul The Great Of The Family Essay

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Letters to the Family
“ To love means to give and to receive something which can be neither bought nor sold, but only given freely and mutually.” - St. Pope John Paul the Great. Pope John Paul the Great sums up love pretty well in this quote. Love is something extremely important in the family unit. Without love there is no family unit, which in turn has effects on the society as a whole. The family is the basic unit of society and within the family there are many important things to understand such as the gift of a child, the marriage, the family as a communion of persons and the general importance of the family.
A child is a gift of God that needs to be treated as such. When a child is brought into a loving family, the child sees how a successful relationship should look and they bring that love into their own life. The child is the living proof/ living sign of the love that is between the man and woman. Children are a gift from God, but in today’s society they often are looked at as a nuisance, more than a gift of precious life. Two parties are always responsible of the gift of a child, and even though the father is not attached the the child he can still help. When a wife is pregnant, the husband has no direct connection to the child. He is not the one that feels the heartbeat, or feels the moving and kicking, or have the responsibility to eat right in order to provide the necessary nutrients for the baby, but the father has a major role in the gestation of the child. He has to be the support for his wife, he has to be the one picking up on the duties that the wife may not be able to do any more. The father also has a responsibility to make sure his wife is provided with healthier options and is making all of her doctor’s a...

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...thin the family one’s true self identity is found/revealed. One who knows what they believe in, what love is, and who they truly want to strive to be all begins in the family, we learn from the mistakes of our parents and grandparents, but we also learn from their achievements, we truly develop who we are as a person through the family.
The family is the basic unit of society and within the family there are many important things to understand such as the gift of a child, the marriage, the family as a communion of persons and the general importance of the family. The family is very important in the total development of a person. Society as a whole could not function. In conclusion, the family is the most important part of society, and as times are changing so is the meaning of the family. As Catholics, we should all strive to keep the true meaning of a family alive.

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