John Lewis : A Black Man Running For President Essay

John Lewis : A Black Man Running For President Essay

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March Paper
In the pre-introduction of March, John Lewis recalls that afternoon on Edmund Pettus Bridge, when the protesters were asked to leave by the police. However, they bravely stood and at this exact moment, one of the most pivotal times in history would remain on this day.
In the comic March, John Lewis witnesses the first time in American history that a black man running for president is about to take his Oath to the Office. After, A mother and her two children who have traveled for the inauguration of Barack Obama are looking to see John Lewis’ office. When they meet John Lewis, he tells stories about his childhood when he grew up on a farm in Pike County, Alabama. As Lewis grew older he began to notice certain inequalities that black people had to face. Although his family needed him to help out on the far, he wanted to participate in school and began to enjoy reading. His Uncle saw that admiration in him and took him to the city so Lewis could see how life was outside the South. An older high school Lewis developed a passion for his studies and the church, he realized he should accomplish more than just preaching after all the violence towards black people.
Later on, Lewis discusses how his mother found a school program for ministers or missionaries. There, as a college student he would meet some other important activists of the civil rights movement like Diane Nash and Jim Lawson. Jim Lawson wanted to work with high school and college students to teach the practice of nonviolence. They began to develop a strategy for planned sit-ins at nearby all-white restaurants to show their concerns of their social injustice. Invitingly, their sit-ins sparked a movement for other people who lived in Raleigh and Durham. Their si...

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...tin Luther King Jr. who influenced the practice of non-violence and supported the sit-ins for change.
Over the years, black people struggled to find equality since 1865 and 100 years later there was still a need for progress. Even after laws were created and passed for social equality of all citizens, they were not given the same rights. With some of the white citizens taking measures into their own hands with violence and hatred towards black people it wouldn’t be an easy route. In conclusion, yes, it was necessary for Lewis and others to have sit-ins for change to occur for these three main reasons; they did not allow the people to contravene with the law, they refused to act violent to prove they are serious about improving their equal rights, and they were influenced by black organizations under Martin Luther King Jr and other important activists at this time.

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