John Lennon : The True Underdog Story Essay

John Lennon : The True Underdog Story Essay

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John Lennon the Legend

When people think of the Beatles, Paul or Ringo-Starr may come to mind first. Not the reckless bad boy John Lennon. Not John Lennon the devoted husband nor John Lennon the peace activist. From Lennons rough start at life. To his rocky but quick rise he had all the makings of a rock and roll God. Lennon’s life is the true underdog story, his humbled childhood, controversial love story, quick rise to fame while making and leading in the greatest band of all time, to his tragic end, Lennon truly is a legend.

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940.Lennon was abandoned by both of his parents at the age of 5. Lennon 's Aunt Mimi Smith and Uncle George Smith stepped in to raise him. John slowly started to form a relationship with his biological mother around the age of 14, Which his Aunt Mimi did not approve of(Kuchwara 1). Slowly after forming the relationship his mother, she passed in a car accident. This tragedy in Lennon’s life scarred him immensely. Lennon coped with his pain through music he wrote a song called "Mother," from 1970 's John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, In which he screams literally-- about his deceased mother and estranged father, it can depress a listener in just two lines" (Suddath 3). Lennon’s rough upbringing resulted in him lashing out in public. As a young teenager Lennon use to shoplift. This bad behavior put a strain on his relationship with his Aunt Mimi (Entress 2). Even with his knotted outlook on life Lennon cooped with music, resulting in the Beatles. at the age of 21 Lennon married Cynthia Powell, now deceased then divorced in 1986. Lennon then at the age of 28 married Yoko Ono, his true love (cunningham 1). Yoko and John traveled the world and even made a band of their own...

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.... Lennon also own property throughout the world, and has been given large quantities of land for the things he has done for the music industry/ Lennon owns an airport in Liverpool, He also owns the Imagine Peace Tower ( A ray of light in Reykjavik, Iceland) which is said to shoot 13,000 ft into the sky on a clear night. Lennon also has a memorial center in central park( Suddath 3). But most of all Lennon gave love and compassion to all of his fans and followers.

The bad boy turned rock and roll superstar turned peace activist. Lennon truly gave his life meaning and tried to fill others with it as well. Living his short life to the fullest. Filling peoples hearts with music and peace. Turning around his rough past, creating beautiful music with his friends and eventually the woman he loved, then trying to cure the world of hate, Lennon truly was a legend.

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