John Lancaster : Opposing Critics Views On Tours Essay

John Lancaster : Opposing Critics Views On Tours Essay

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John Lancaster mentioned the opposing critics views on tours in Dharavi, and shared his experience of the tour with a neutral tone to allow the reader to decide if they are pro-tours or not. He did not seem to focus so much on defending nor criticizing those who run the tours, but rather wants to look at the bigger picture that it could be more productive to argue over the living conditions the residents endure. During the tour, he trid to put himself in the residents shoes of how they would feel having strangers poking around while they were working, and became observative of the emotions expressed by the workers to try to read their thoughts on the matter. John did not claim to know all the answers to what is best for the residents, why they choose to still live in Dharavi, and how the majority of the residents feel about the tours, but he does keep his opinion to a minimum and explains how he has come to the conclusions that he has.
The authors strengths in writing this argument is that he presented the issue, remained with a neutral tone throughout the argument, and allowed the...

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