John Keats And His Poetry Essay

John Keats And His Poetry Essay

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Poetry provides a means of expressive writing through puzzling phrases and metaphorical references. John Keats, a famous Romantic poet, used these techniques in creating his vivid imagery. Keats heavily focused on the beauty of life and the experiences he encountered with sickness and loss. Because of this the majority of Keats’ poetry reflects the ability of humans to become greatly weakened by their emotions. Keats’ upbringing shaped his poetry and as time went on he learnt the purpose of values. His poetry vividly represents the surroundings Keats placed himself in and what he was exposed to. Three poems that significantly show these effects include his romantic poem “Stanzas to Miss Wylie” and his reflective poems “On Fame” and “When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be”.
An upbringing of loss, illness, hardships and the industrial revolution provided John Keats an array of poetic possibilities. In school Keats was very literate and creative and his parents always encouraged him to learn artistic and expressional talents (Poetry Foundation, 2015). These fostered into an ability to write poetry later in life after the death of both his parents and the illness of tuberculous destroying his family ( Editors, 2015). Keats often turned to nature to inspire him and found solace in art and literature ( Editors, 2015). John Keats’ admiration for women sparked most of his poetry and created the essence for his emotional responses.
Keats poem, “Stanzas to Miss Wylie”, creates vivid imagery of his blinding love for this young lady. Through countless metaphors Keats’ presents a poem that revels his mindlessness and love that a young lady has enchanted him with. His view of the world is evident in this poem for ...

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...iew of Keats’ poetry and can see that while emotions are important so is knowing how to deal with them and their consequences.
John Keats’ poetry and ideologies represent how humans function and the consequences of their actions. He created poetry that described how humans become weakened by their emotions and did so by making cloud views and opinions about the surroundings and events that took place within each of his poems. The poetry effectively portrayed this notion of weakness as in “Stanzas to Miss Wylie” the narrator is infatuated by a young lady. In “On Fame” the narrator recognises that adoration and fame cloud the receiver’s mind and decision making. “When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be” outlines how the fear of death overshadows positivity and happiness. John Keats’ poetry will last forever with his ability to recognise how emotions control the mind.

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