Essay about John Henry Newman 's Sermon About Faith And Love With A Bible Passage

Essay about John Henry Newman 's Sermon About Faith And Love With A Bible Passage

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John Henry Newman begins his sermon about faith and love with a bible passage. “Though I have all Faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have no Charity, I am nothing.” This passage is the basis of Newman’s entire sermon and is the foundation of many of the ideas that Newman addresses. According to Newman Love is the greatest virtue a person can possess, and while Newman also agrees that a strong faith is significant it is nothing if love is absent. Newman uses testaments, deductive reasoning and experiences to show how the act of faith and love disclose the presence of God.
Several saints agree with Newman and the statement that love is a virtuous quality that can be improved along with the pursuit of faith, charity, and holiness. Saint Paul refers to charity as a responsibility that goes along with loving unreservedly. “Charity, the fulfilling of the law and our savior, in like manner, makes our whole duty consist in loving God and loving our neighbor.” Saint Paul advocates that loving thy neighbor is an undeniable way to become closer to God by attempting to live in his image. Saint James specifies love as the royal law, which states that if a person was to truly fulfil the royal law according to scripture they would love others as they love themselves. Lastly Saint John states that with unconditional love spiritual life is imminent. “We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.” Loving thy neighbor unconditionally is a reoccurring theme throughout various sacred spiritual texts and Newman’s sermon about faith and love. This attests that the act of love is an experience that demonstrates the presence of God.
Newman goes into depth as to whether faith or love comes first when referring...

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... Love and faith are core values and virtues that help a person become holy. Holiness is a way of living that brings a person closer God. It is an experience that clearly discloses the presence of God through faith and love.
“Love is the gentle, tranquil, satisfied acquiescence and adherence of the soul in the contemplation of God; not only a preference of God before all thing, but a delight in Him because He is God and because His commandments are good.” Newman’s description of Love has many qualities that God possesses. This can be contributed to the fact that Love is a virtue that is directly given to people by God. Newman’s reasoning and experiences about love and faith attribute to this statement. Throughout Newman’s sermon faith and love are reiterated and it is through Newman’s experiences, deductive reasoning, and testaments that disclose the presence of God.

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