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John Henry Newman And Paulo Freire Essay

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A well-rounded education is very important and much supported. Two supporters are John Henry Newman and Paulo Freire. John Henry Newman was a professor at Oxford University and an Anglican minister that converted to Roman Catholicism and became a Pope. He delivered several lectures in Dublin, Ireland, about the importance of a Catholic education. These early lectures on education were revised and published in The Idea of a University. One of those lectures, “Knowledge Its Own End,” is about two distinct kinds of education (Austin, 53). Newman believed that there was a need for education purely for pleasure and education that is needed to pursue a specific career. Paulo Freire is a Brazilian literature professor and philosopher. Freire wrote an essay called “The Banking Concept of Education” (Austin, 62). The work discusses how students do not truly benefit or gain knowledge by a “bank-clerk educator” depositing information into a student’s mind (Freire, 64). Freire believes that education should be a learning experience for both teacher and student; the classroom should be an environment set up for students to think critically and learn for themselves. Based on the combination of the two thinkers, one should be able to acquire an education that is enriched with multifaceted (a broadened and varied), in-depth knowledge.
Newman believes that a great education consist of two distinct kinds of knowledge. There is “professional education,” or practical knowledge, and “liberal education,” knowing something for the sake of knowing it (Newman, 56). An interpretation is that: useful knowledge is knowledge that is career based; liberal knowledge is knowledge learned out of enjoyment and the desire to understand more. A...

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...n education. To get a well-grounded and well-rounded education, both theories have to be put into play. People have to open their minds and look past their professional goals, to appreciate a more diverse degree plan. By opening up and taking a wider variety of courses, it creates a higher awareness, insight, and proficiency of their career and the world around them. However, to completely experience the advantages of this education, there has to be a desire to engage in the learning process. True learning cannot be handed out. A good education requires critical thinking on the part of the learner and the educator. A great learning environment, according to Freire, is set up for success, not for an exam of basic terminology the teacher “deposits” in the students’ brains. Combining these two thinker’s philosophies will surely achieve greatness in the classroom.

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