John Hancock's Accomplishments: A Powerful Patriot Essay

John Hancock's Accomplishments: A Powerful Patriot Essay

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Courageous. Willing. Patriot. These meaningful words define who John Hancock was to America. Born on January 23, 1737, Hancock demonstrated leadership qualities since youth. He played a major role in the American Revolution, as a leading figure, Massachusetts, as a successful governor. Hancock was a true patriot, through his courageous acts of defiance to Britain, pooling his funds to support the Revolution, and leading the Second Continental Congress. Hancock risked his life and the welfare of the people he loved to stand up for his, and the colonist’s freedoms and natural rights they deserved. John Hancock was a people’s man, adored by everyone in Massachusetts, and most of The Second Continental Congress; which allowed him to succeed greatly at leading the revolution.
John Hancock was raised in present day Quincy, Massachusetts. Born from a clergyman father, who passed away early in Hancock’s youth, had his wealthy uncle fostered the young orphan. At adolescence, he was sent to Harvard to for a prestige education, and after graduating the university, he traveled overseas to Britain to learn business. In the year 1764, John Hancock inherited his uncle’s business, “Thomas Hancock and Company,” after his uncle passed away. When John Hancock became an affluent merchant in all of New England, he did not realize that this would unfold an important occurrence that sparked his devoted, powerful patriotism. During the time when the Stamp Act was placed, his workers smuggled wine off of one of his cargo ships, The Liberty, which violated the law. Hancock was blamed for his workers doing, which lead to the British Government who attempted to seize his boat. He hired the infamous lawyer John Adams to defend him in court, although, the ...

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...hat the King of Britain and Thomas Gage placed rewards for his death. Instead of cowering from the British, he kept performing more actions which gave him even a larger reward for his imprisonment or death. His strong devotion to the Revolution, his expansive resources he obtained, his enormous heart, his powerful patriotism to America, and his outstanding leadership, are the main reasons why people today still learn and know about John Hancock.

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