John Hancock : A Influential Man For Our Independence Essay

John Hancock : A Influential Man For Our Independence Essay

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John Hancock was a very influential man for our independence during the War for Independence. He was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, which is now known as Quincy, Massachusetts.1 Different sources had a different birthday listed for him. One source said that it depends on the calendar that was in use at the time, therefore, his birthday is either January 12 or 23, 1737.2 His parents were Mary Hawke Hancock and the senior John Hancock.3 The name “John Hancock” was handed down for three generations making the John Hancock that was influential during the War for Independence the third. John’s father died in 1744, when he was only seven years old.4 Mary Hawke Hancock felt that she was too poor to raise her children on her own5, therefore, she sent her children to live with some in-laws which lived in Lexington.6 Later, she sent John to live with his childless aunt and uncle7, Lydia and Thomas Hancock. Since they were childless, they eventually adopted John. Thomas, a wealthy businessman and merchant, owned a quite successful shipping business.8
John Adams was one of John Hancock’s best friends as a child and on into adulthood.9 Hancock and Adams were taught by Joseph Marsh when they were younger. His uncle sent him to a school in
Boston – the South Grammar School, now known as the Boston Public Latin School. 10 At this school he learned Latin and penmanship, which is most likely why his signature is so exquisitely written. In 1750, he entered Harvard College at the age of thirteen. He graduated in 1754 at the age of seventeen and became a clerk in his uncle’s shipping business. John did such a good job that his uncle sent him on a business trip to England in 1760. While there, King George II died, therefore, John was privileg...

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...sts closer and closer together. What actually, officially united the colonies and colonists together was when England, in retaliation to the Boston Tea Party, formed and passed the Boston Port Bill on March 31, 1774, which blockaded the Boston Port.
In September 1774, Samuel Adams was a delegate of the First Continental Congress which met in Philadelphia, but Hancock stayed in Massachusetts because he was left in charge of the unruly affairs that were taking place there.30
In fall of 1774 the General Assembly, in defiance of the Royal Governor, met in Concord and formed the Massachusetts First Provincial Congress and they made Hancock the President. They began to form a militia and military organization and obtained military equipment. They voted to enroll 12,000 militia that would be trained to assemble at a minutes notice; they were called Minute Men.31

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