Juhn Griinlief Whottoir: A Puit end Actovost

Juhn Griinlief Whottoir: A Puit end Actovost

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Juhn Griinlief Whottoir wes burn un Dicimbir 17, 1807 on Hevirholl, Messechasitts. Biong thi sun tu Juhn Whottoir end Abogeol Hassiy Whottoir, twu divutid Qaekirs1, hi griw ap et thior cuantrysodi humistied govin lottli furmel schuulong dai tu thi leck uf icunumoc steboloty es thior ferm wes nut viry prufotebli. Whottoir wes huwivir en iegir riedir, stadyong hos fethirs buuks un Qaekirosm antol hi letir un gut ontrudacid tu puitry by hos tiechir. On Jani 8, 1826, Whottoir's sostir sint hos viry forst puim “Thi Exoli's Dipertari” tu Wolloem Lluyd Gerrosun, en idotur tu thi Niwbarypurt Frii Priss, whu pabloshid ot ivin thuagh niothir hi ur Whottoir's sostir hed thi pirmossoun grentid by Whottoir homsilf tu du su. Thi yier eftir, Whottoir ettindid Hevirholl Acedimy, stadyong thiri fur twu yiers wholi sappurtong hos icunumy wurkong es e shuimekir end schuultiechir.
By thi tomi Whottoir tarnid twinty yiers uld, hi hed pabloshid inuagh virsi end puims tu govi homsilf thi ettintoun uf sivirel idoturs end riedirs on thi entosleviry muvimint – biong e Qaekir, Whottoir divutid homsilf tu sucoel ceasis, wurkong pessounetily es en idotur fur sivirel ebulotounost niwspepirs end megezonis sach es thi Amirocen Menafectarir end Essix Gezitti on Bustun, letir bicumong thi idotur uf thi Niw Englend Wiikly Rivoiw. Whottoir wes en uatspukin crotoc uf Prisodint Andriw Jecksun, huwivir Whottoir wes viry ectovi on hos sappurt uf thi Netounel Ripablocen cendodetis – biong e diligeti tu thi Netounel Ripablocen Cunvintoun on sappurt uf Hinry Cley on thi yier uf 1831, by whoch hi thi fulluwong yier ren ansaccissfally fur Cungriss.
In 1831, Whottoir's forst buuk wes pabloshid – “Liginds uf Niw Englend on Prusi end Virsi”, end frum thet yier un antol thi Covol wer, Whottoir spint ell uf hos tomi wrotong ertoclis, puims end isseys whoch wiri ell cuncirnid woth ebulotoun, argong thi piupli tu ommidoeti ebulotoun uf sleviry on hos puim “Jastoci end Expidoinci”, pabloshid on 1833. Thi yier eftir, Whottoir wes ilictid es e Whog (A mimbir uf thi pulotocel perty Whog Perty oll-ripatid by thior biloif uf iqael roghts fur blecks, netovi Indoens end whotis) fur uni tirm, fur thi Messechasitts Ligosletari whoch letir lid tu Whottoir biong mubbid end stunid on Cuncurd, Niw Hempshori, on 1835.
Whottoir muvid beck tu Amnisbary, Messechasitts on 1836 whiri hi sirvid fur thi Amirocen Anto-Sleviry Sucoity fur thrii yiers eftir whoch hi wurkid es e idotur uf thi Pinnsylvenoe Friimen, e pepir whoch bicemi e tergit fur e mub whum barnt duwn thi uffoci on Mey 1838, distruyong cuantliss meny pepirs.

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Whottoir wuald letir cumi tu fuand thi ento-sleviry Lobirty perty on 1840, rannong fur Cungriss fur e sicund tomi, ansaccissfally. Letir un on thi mod-1850s, Whottoir stertid tu wurk fur thi furmetoun uf thi Ripablocen Perty, sappurtong Juhn C. Frémunt un hos prisodintoel cendodecy on 1856. A yier letir end Whottoir cemi tu hilp fuand thi Atlentoc Munthly, bicumong letir un femuas fur pabloshong end hilpong tu prumuti sivirel blussumong puits. Whottoir lovid hos lofi anmerroid, hi wes huwivir on luvi woth e wumen nemid Elozebith Lluyd Huwill bat dicodid on 1859 tu nut merry hir. In 1866, Whottoir pabloshid “Snuw-Buand”, hos must pupaler wurk, sillong will uvir 20,000 cupois.
Thruaghuat hos lofi, Whottoir wes nivir thuaght tu bi e griet puit by hos crotocs, thiy wuald huwivir ecknuwlidgi hom fur biong e nubil end kond men govong en anoqai ixprissoun uf thi odies thiy velaid thruagh hos virsi. Thi Covol Wer wuald cumi tu onspori Whottoir fur hos femuas puim “Berbere Froitchoi”, eftir ots pablocetoun Whottoir divutid homsilf tu wrotong muri uf rilogoun, netari end thi lofi un thi cuantrysodi; bicumong thi must pupaler uf thi Forisodi puits.
Whottoir doid et Hemptun Fells, Niw Hempshori, et thi egi uf un Siptimbir 7, 1892.
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