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Lee Harvey Oswald is known today as the man who changed the world. On November 22th, 1963, he shot the key figure named John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. The stunned USA stopped in shock. Who is this man? Why did he kill our president? The people needed answers. However, two days later, on the 24th, while he was being escorted to a county jail, he was shot in front of live news coverage by a local nightclub owner named Jack Ruby. Now everybody stood in shock. Who was this guy now? But more importantly, with the assassin dead, who is responsible for the death of Kennedy? Was he alone, or was he part of a group? With the killer gone, now questions filled everyone’s mind and everyone started pointing fingers. Everyone was being accused, from the vice-president Lyndon B. Johnson to mob groups. But out of all of these suspects, Fidel Castro was involved in this assassination because of Cuba’s bitter history with the United States, the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist, and that Castro knew Oswald was going to assassinate Kennedy in Dallas on November 22.
Why would Castro want to kill Kennedy? First, Cuba had a very long history of bitterness with Unites States. From Cuba’s independence, United States was always getting in their way. In 1903, an amendment called Platt Amendment gave the US any right to intervene in Cuba’s internal affairs and leave a naval base in Cuba. Cuba wasn’t very fond of this because they wanted complete independence, free from EVERYONE, including the United States. A US-supported leader named Fulgencio Batista was democratically elected to become the president of Cuba, but later he became a right wing dictator. Unhappy, a group of people with a populist leader Castro l...

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...ination before it occurred all proves that Castro was connected to a major event that changed the course of history.

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