Essay about John F. Kennedy's Life, Struggles, and Accomplishments

Essay about John F. Kennedy's Life, Struggles, and Accomplishments

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John F. Kennedy’s beginnings
These words said by a powerful president, who had helped this country not only be successful but a very strong country. John F. Kennedy said these words to tell Americans, you need to care for your country not just yourself. John F. Kennedy was not only a president but he was in the U.S. Navy, which I think means he has pride in his country and was willing to do anything he could do to make it a better place. In chronological order I will discuss John F. Kennedy’s life, his problems and struggles that made him a stronger man, and Kennedy’s accomplishments that helped change this country and the world.
John F. Kennedy’s life in chronological order
John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1917 on the 29th of May. His parents were, Rose Fitzgeralad and Joseph P. Kennedy. Both the Fitzgeralads and the Kennedys were wealthy and prominent Irish catholic Boston families. John F. Kennedy was the second oldest child out of the nine children.
John F. Kennedy had many eventful things happen while he grew older. Kennedy got his education by going to, The Choate School and Harvard College. After his graduation from, Harvard he joined the U.S. Navy and entered World War II. After his patrol boat sunk, he swam himself to safety, then going back to the sinking boat and sacrificed his life to save injured in the boat. However Kennedys brother, who had also been part of World War II died while, fighting in Europe, which made john “next in line” for political leadership within the powerful Kennedy Clan.
Now that John F. Kennedy started political leadership after the war, Kennedy was elected for House of Representatives. With Kennedy’s younger brother as his campaign manager they worked together fo...

... middle of paper ..., so he asked congress for 7 billion through 9 billion dollars over the next 5 years, for the space program. Within a year Gus Grissom and Alan Shepard became the first Americans in space. Although America wasn’t the first to space we had accomplished Kennedy’s goal.
John F. Kennedy was an American hero. I explained his life stories his problems and struggles that made him a stronger man and his accomplishment that made that made the world a better place. Kennedy was not only a president he was also in the U.S. Navy which I think he has pride in his country and will do what he can to make it a better place. I believe that John F. Kennedy was a hero because he wanted to do things people never thought of doing. I believe he was a hero because he would sacrifice his life to protect others. John F. Kennedy was a hero to the world, even after he was assassinated.

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