John F. Kennedy 's World Peace Essay

John F. Kennedy 's World Peace Essay

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At the American University in 1963, John F. Kennedy summed up world peace as being:
based not on a sudden revolution in human nature but on a gradual evolution in human institutions - on a series of concrete actions and effective agreements which are in the interest of all concerned. There is no single, simple key to this peace, no grand or magic formula to be adopted by one or two powers. Genuine peace must be the product of many nations, the sum of many acts. It must be dynamic, not static, changing to meet the challenge of each new generation (Kennedy 1963).
Our world holds nations that are constantly at war each other or that participate in global conflicts. There seems to be no end to the chaos. So with the present state of things, it is hard to see a future that contains world peace. However, I would argue along with JFK, that it is vital and realistic for us to try and obtain a state of international harmony. It is essential for all nation-states to exist in tangent with each other. Each country and generation have opposing morals, cultures, and standards, but there must be a balance of understanding in order for coexistence to occur. Within Perpetual Peace, Immanuel Kant argues that peace is attainable through certain approaches, which can also be seen reflected in JFK’s speech. In this paper I will attempt to argue that Kant’s ideal of perpetual peace can be genuinely pursued through the establishment of a league of peace and the development of human reason through freedom under modern forms of government.
Kant presents many views to the human ability of perpetual peace, but I have found that his views on freedom through a republican government, and the establishment of a league of peace to be the most resourceful. W...

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...will be obtained. It is easy to feel hopeless or defeated when looking at the world from only the view of skepticism. However, when you look at peace as being in the terms of Kant’s ideals, it easier to perceive as a logical reality. I think that Kant has provided some adequate guidelines which are working towards world peace. What he has demonstrated, is pretty much being enacted in our current times. Modern governments are being based less on authority and more on its citizens’ rights. And where this is not true, nations and people are working towards making it a reality. Also, a league of nations is in place. The United Nations may still be in a state of growth, and has not reached full potential, but it is working towards a common good. Through these actions and objectives, I believe that perpetual peace may be an objective end, which will be eventually reached.

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