John F Kennedy JFK Assassination

John F Kennedy JFK Assassination

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The Assassination of JFK

The assassination of John F. Kennedy has piqued the curiosity of millions across America for decades. At first America banded together in one of the nation's most tragic events ever. However the case that was never closed provoked curiosity. Curiosity led to ideas, and those ideas led to a conspiracy theory. The facts prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald killed the president and furthermore they prove that he more than likely did not work alone.
To learn about his assassination, one must first understand the kind of person JFK was. JFK was a democratic president during the Civil Rights Era. Daniel Sparks, an American citizen who was very young during the JFK presidency, remembers JFK as an advocate of civil rights but was not nearly the strongest Civil Rights president.
Sparks contends that you could cut the racial tension with a knife during this time period, however he believes that Kennedy's policies were not intense enough to provoke an assassination by even the most bigoted of southerners. JFK was not very aggressive on civil rights. He did not get emotional about the issue because he relied on southern democrats for many votes. The President instead opted to use his executive powers in an "actions speak louder than words" approach. The notion that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the president because he was bigot against civil rights holds very little water when you consider other possibilities.
JFK also had a "playboy image." He was known for having a relationship with American icon Marilyn Monroe and a friendship with entertainer Frank Sinatra. The media enjoyed playing off this image and his charisma was something that all politicians coveted.
Another one of JFK's personality traits Sparks recalls is that he loves being in control. If something was not right JFK wanted to be the one to fix it. Sparks believed that it was this admirable trait that may have gotten JFK killed. JFK wanted to fix the Central Intelligence Agency after the "Bay of Pigs" scandal embarrassed the United States.
The Bay of Pigs was, in short, a plan to over throw the Cuban government and it's leader. The CIA would take Cuban exiles under their wing, train them military style until they were ready for action. When they were ready they were suppose to spark a revolution, destroy the Cuban government, kill Castro and implement a new noncommunist government.

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The plan was a failure after the exiles failed to gain support around the country. Castro's army quickly halted the exiles on the island of Havana where 90 exiles were killed and the rest were taken prisoner. Thanks to the American weapons the world knew what was going on. The blame was put squarely on JFK for not providing Cuban exiles with enough training and financial support or enough weapons.
Sparks believed that President Kennedy wanted to completely annihilate the CIA and start up a new intelligence agency. At the time the CIA may have been secretly the most powerful branch in our government and undoubtedly had the resources to pull off an assassination. If they did not want their entire operation to go under then their only option would be to eliminate the president before the president could eliminate the CIA. Before one jumps to a conclusion like that the facts that are already open must be examined.
The president was riding in a convertible in Dallas, Texas in an entourage that included his wife and the governor of Texas. Shots rang out at about 12:30 p.m. and both the president and governor were wounded. The car sped up to the local hospital where the president was pronounced dead at 1p.m.
Nearly a half hour later police found a rifle that they proved was the gun that killed the president. It had the hand prints of Lee Harvey Oswald on them. Two days later before Oswald ever had a chance for his day in court or to really talk much at all, he was murdered by Jack Ruby. Ruby claimed he did this to save the First Lady the grief of having to go through a trial.
Sparks believes that it is very plausible that the CIA was connected to Oswald. After the CIA had Oswald kill JFK, they made sure that Oswald was killed before anything could go to trial. This would ensure less facts about the case were ever brought up. Meanwhile, many embraced Ruby has a patriotic American who killed Oswald out of love for his country and love for the president's family.
However, Sparks believes to a lesser extent that the mafia may have had much to do with the assassination. Much has to be assumed as truth to accept this theory. Sparks believes that it is possible that President Kennedy wanted the mafia to assassinate Castro. When the Bay of Pigs was a failure information would be leaked out about the mob since they were no longer of use to the president. Sparks has heard much about Ruby having "dirty ties" to the mafia. He thinks this theory is credible because Ruby is linked to both the mafia and Oswald. Sparks contends that even if the government wanted the mafia to kill Castro they would not go to such great lengths to cover up an assassination to save a bunch of criminals which makes this theory less likely compared to the CIA theory.
Sparks' most fascinating idea, although by no means "his idea", was "The magic bullet theory." Sparks believes that anyone can come up with half witted conspiracies but there has to be some facts to back them up. He believes that this theory contains facts that can be proven with further investigation.
It is believed that Oswald had enough time for only three shots and so he fired only three. The first shot completely missed the car. The second shot fired was the killed the president.. The bullet struck the president in the back of head fatally. That means there was only one more bullet. It is known that Kennedy was also hit in the back of his neck. Governor Connally was sitting in front of the president and was somehow struck on the right wrist and the left thigh. Now if there were only three shots and the president was hit with two of them both in the back of his head and his neck, it would be impossible for those shots to be responsible for Connally's wounds on both his right wrist and his left thigh. Therefore there must have been a second shooter.
Sparks contends the investigation that was done wanted everyone to believe that there was only one shooter. Therefore there could only be three shots fired not four because they already concluded that Oswald only had time for three shots. Logic proves based on the location of the men and the wounds that receive, that there must have been more than three shots fired. The investigation "proved" that the bullet that struck Kennedy in the back of the neck traveled through the front. Then it hit Connally in the back and emerged through his check. When it came out his chest his struck him on his right wrist and some how managed to hit his left thigh after that. A second shooter is much more plausible than the "magic bullet" that can apparently travel in mid air.
If there was a second shooter that raises many questions for the American public: Who was the second shooter? Why would the government go to such lengths to cover up the fact that there was a second shooter? Was Oswald a guinea pig all along who's only job was to take the fall?
Sparks, like many of his generation, believe that there was a second shooter. He believes that the only plausible reason for the government to cover the assassination up was that they were in some way involved in it. Oswald probably did deliver the fatal blow to the president, but he did not work alone. Sparks feels that his death was eerily convenient and the investigation was too short and answered the questions not very thoroughly.
The last popular theory regarding JFK's assassination is connecting it with Vietnam. To accept this theory we have to assume that JFK's intentions were to pull troops out of Vietnam and end the war. There is no hard evidence of this, but it is no secret that a Democratic president would have been somewhat likely to do this. After Sparks read the book JFK and Vietnam, he firmly believes that JFK started a with drawl program in 1963. Then after he was reelected he would implement a full with drawl from Vietnam. The emotions ran high in between Americans the same way they did with those in power of the United States. Sparks contends that it is possible with all the emotion wrapped up in the war that some in power may have thought that the stakes were too high and helped plan the assassination.
Sparks also discussed possibilities that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson could have had ties to the murder. Sparks recalls hearing rumors that Johnson was obsessed with becoming president. His lust for power was so great that when either the CIA or other government powers wanted Kennedy dead for various reasons that LBJ could not resist. It was also rumored that Kennedy was planning on dropping Johnson from the 1964 ticket.
Whatever may have really happened, it must be clear that Oswald did not work alone. He is more than likely the man physically responsible for the president's death but there were other powers involved. The fact that the investigation left so many unanswered questions speaks volumes about the 1960's. The assassination reflects on the 1960's as a hectic time full of tension regarding race, foreign policy and a controversial war.
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