Essay on John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address

Essay on John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address

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The Inauguration
A great period full various changes and conflicts, the nineteen-sixties wasn’t anything outside of native. From elections, wars, and inequality at its finest things seemed to be consistently moving at all angles and nothing puts a spark on the map brighter than one of our own presidents. It was January 20, 1962 when John Fitzgerald Kennedy took stage to be the thirty-fifth president of the United States. Written by Kennedy in late November of 1960, his inauguration speech goes to explain the various changes of the world as Kennedy campaigned to “get the country moving again.” His speech begins to address the differences of the generations as he wants to “pass the torch.” Kennedy expresses various ways of getting people together which he bases his entire point into doing as he then establishes a plea for his fellow nations to move towards this look for peace subliminally calling out the Soviet Union who at this time was an adversary of the United States in the Cold War. With an open hand he lets them know that he longs to handle this in a peaceful manner but if need be that war will not be frowned upon in his case. Lastly, he talks to the American citizens as to how they can make an impact along with the rest of the United States government. A cultural icon amongst the people he was regarded as one of the most popular presidents and with a speech to remember for ages his inauguration address was fully loaded with various conflicts to make his speech full of thought-provoking arguments
Kennedy starts his speech of with ethos as he tries to unite the United States society and also try to get our allies on the same page. “Vice President Johnson, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice Presi...

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