John F. Kennedy: A Brief Biography Essay

John F. Kennedy: A Brief Biography Essay

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In the vast ocean, a young soldier drags another soldier over his shoulders and swims to a nearby island. He sees his boat burning up after it is sliced in half, by a Japanese destroyer. He tells his comrades to not lose hope, and looks in the horizon for an American ship. His group gets rescued after they are found by a group of natives. This brave soldier who risked his life for his comrades, eventually becomes one of the most famous presidents of the United States. John F. Kennedy accomplished many things as president, and is famous for many things. Though his term was short, John F. Kennedy tried to help as many people as he could. John F. Kennedy being elected was an important thing, for he was “the first” for many things, such as the first Roman Catholic man to become president. In the following paragraphs, one will learn about John F. Kennedy’s life, and how he tried to change this country. One will learn how he became the president, what he had in mind to change his country, and how his programs affect our lives today.

John F. Kennedy was a man with many dreams, a...

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