John Dewey's Impact on Global Education Essay

John Dewey's Impact on Global Education Essay

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John Dewey was born on October 20, 1859, in Burlington Vermont. He attended public school until he graduated and entered the University of Vermont (UVM). While attending UVM Dewey was exposed to evolutionary theory through one of his professors G.H. Perkins. Dewey continued focusing his attention on the interactions between the human organism and its environment; eventually leading Dewey to his own theory of knowledge.
After graduating in 1879, Dewey taught high school for two years and then enrolled as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). While attending JHU, Dewey was influenced by Hegelian philosophy with the regard the organic model of nature and G. Stanley Hall’s power of scientific methodology within human sciences.
After earning his doctorate in 1884, Dewey accepted a teaching position at the University of Michigan (UM). Dewey worked at UM for ten years with the exception of one year in 1888 when he worked for University of Minnesota. While at UM wrote his first two of forty books Psychology (1887), and Leibniz’s New Essays Concerning the Human Understanding (1888).
In 1894, Dewey began his tenure at the University of Chicago (U of C). Dewey’s studies led him to what was known as pragmatism or what he called instrumentalism. While at U of C Dewey founded and operated the Laboratory School which gave him opportunity to develop his ideas on pedagogical method and his first major works, The School and Society (1899).
Shortly after in 1904, Dewey left U of C because of disagreements over the Laboratory School. With his resignation to U of C Dewey was asked to join the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University. During his tenure he wrote; The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy and Other Es...

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...rived the child of an opportunity to take part in those occupations which still remain.” (marxists). Children subjected to a great increase in stimulus and pressure from the environment, they will lose the practical and motor skills necessary to balance intellectual development, use it or lose.
In the 1950’s with the cold war anxiety and cultural conservatism, progressive education was widely rejected and feared and was soon forgotten. But Dewey’s reputation won a greater international following for his educational reforms than for his instrumentalist philosophy. (marxists). Between the two World Wars, where previously backward countries were obliged to catch up quickly with the most modern methods, as in Turkey, Japan, China, the Soviet Union and Latin America, the reshapers of the educational system turned toward Dewey’s innovations for guidance (marxists).

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