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John Dewey And Mr. Howard Zinn Essay

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As we delve into the writings of Mr. John Dewey and Mr. Howard Zinn we notice a shared theme between the two authors, balance. However, both philosophers view the approach to reaching balance in different ways. In Zinn’s article The Uses of Scholarship, Zinn states that knowledge is a form of power. I find a great deal of truth in this statement. The presidential election of 2016 is on the rise. With that being said, even the most uninformed voter will elect the candidate he/she feels is the most knowledgeable to run our country, the candidate he/she feels is the most qualified to become the leader of our free world. Zinn writes that these people we elect in power, keep control by setting rules that are upheld by modern society. Zinn does not state that he agrees with the rules set in place, but Dewey strictly writes, “Rules cannot be given for attaining a balance.” In Dewey’s How We Think essay, he states that for maintaining the balance between consciousness and unconsciousness, no one can predict just how far one being can analyze something until the information is retained and a response or action is formulated. I find truth in this statement as well. In a college classroom, we all sit, listen to the lecture, take notes, study -- but for how many of us does that information sink in right away? Dewey says we can tell others something should be carried out to the point of understanding, but then he asks, just how far is that? For some people it takes much longer to grasp politics, calculus, even words, while others would anticipate the communal understanding because we are unconscious thinking they will comprehend as quickly as ourselves. Both of these men write about true occurrences of knowledge in our society. Both authors wr...

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...aning I only care about the grades I get and the job I will obtain. With this being said, most of my college career transpires into drudgery. When I get the chance to smell the roses, I indulge in their scent; causing my responsibilities to be neglected and the fooling to engage. I am a driven student with clear goals set for myself, yet even I have a difficult time finding a balance between work and play. Maybe this is a result of my conscious and unconscious thinking? I unconsciously believe I need to get all A’s in college to get into medical school because that is what I have been told my whole life, that knowledge correlates to success and power. This is not necessarily untrue; however, what about adventure, and experience? I trust that play makes your work better, that following your heart stimulates your mind, and that expressing yourself fuels individuality.

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