John Dewey : A Model For Successfully Learning Essay

John Dewey : A Model For Successfully Learning Essay

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John Dewey was born in 1859 and dies in 1956 after having pioneered on of the early educational project in America. Most of Dewey’s works indicate that he was one of the key educational reformers who advocates for educational democracy noting that educational reform would be necessary for achieving social reform and progress. His argument in favor or progressive education and liberalism showed that to Dewey, democracy in education, social theory as well as educational reform were synonymous to him and were necessary for developing a progressive society. Through his University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, it was clear that educational reconstruction was important for the society to have an ideal future. In this paper, Dewey project is considered as a model for successfully learning.
The Role of the School in Social Progress
According to Dewey, the school has a special role to play in the society. The school does not only provide a learning environment for the children but also help in molding the children to fit into the society and to build the ideal society that everyone hopes to live in (Boydston, & Burnett, 1971, pp. 177-183). The school should, therefore, reflect the desired ideal society. Education begets a democracy as it helps in developing children who can uphold the rules of laws and can question the status quo. The school should have a mix of activities that the children engage in and can help the children to develop their future, as well as their future society for which the community hopes. One of the main arguments of Dewey is that most of the currently industrial society children are not taught about the fundamental principles on which the society was made. As such, they do not have a clue on how to create an idea...

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...orhood life. All the questions for which the teachers seek answers all boil down to one thing- appropriate teacher to student ratio. Teaching should address the student 's impulses as well as tendencies to make, do or create, and produce. Education should aim at developing students in all aspects of life not just their ability to get control of the symbols of learning (Dewey, 1958).
In conclusion, the school should facilitate children 's learning through social conversation and allow the children to participate in household roles. These two activities help them acquire important life skill and form habits of mind while at the same time gaining knowledge. Finally, learning should be child centered in that the children’s proclivities and instincts such as social instincts, investigative instincts and expressive instincts are allowed to develop naturally.

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