John Boyne's Life and Accomplishments Essay

John Boyne's Life and Accomplishments Essay

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“He speaks about his writing with such a passion” says one critic when discussing his thoughts about John Boyne (John Boyne the Absolutist/Writing). The multi-award winning author has written nine novels and four children’s books. He also has around seventy short stories. His novels are written in forty-six different languages including Brail. He is dedicated to his work and has been all of his life. There are no signs of him stopping anytime soon.
John Boyne was born on April 30th, 1971 in Dublin, Ireland. Boyne was always a great reader growing up, taking after his parents. “My life has always been filled with books and I never wanted to be anything but a writer” John Boyne says (“John Boyne…Boyne”). When he was ten he was hospitalized for a surgery. His mother brought him the book The Magicians Nephew by C.S Lewis. He claims this to be what inspired him to start writing. But perhaps the greatest influence was someone who was much more mature in their writing. “When I was a young teenager, I discovered Charles Dickens and his novels have had the greatest effect on me both as a reader and a writer.” He also says, “The next book I remember that had a big influence on me was The Silver Sword by Ian Serailer” (“John Boyne… Boyne”). This later influenced his writing of his most popular novel, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
He began writing between the ages of ten and eleven. He would read the books from around the house, pick his favorite character from them, and then rewrite them into his own story. “When I was a child, I wrote hundreds of stories and bound them up together like books, writing my name on the spine and putting them on bookshelves in my bedroom” (John Boyne… Boyne”). Sadly though, he no longer possesses his child...

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