John Allan Poe And The World Is Too Much With Us Essay

John Allan Poe And The World Is Too Much With Us Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe and William Wordsworth are two poets that value nature and poetry over materialism, wealth and science. In the two poems “To Science” and “The World is Too Much With Us” the poets interpret the beauty of nature as being disturbed by the world’s desire for materialism and further innovations of science. Both poems utilize Greek mythology to express how nature is being taken for granted and forgotten about. In one aspect, Wordsworth speaks of Greek gods rising above and showing how glorious the true beauty of nature can be. In another aspect, Poe describes Greek gods and a goddess as being exiled and labels science as a “vulture”. Both poets express that their realities have been disturbed by the view of society and the ever-changing world around them. Both poems describe two speakers mourning a world of simplicity and express a love for fantasy and art that has been taken by science and society’s desire for consumerism.
Wordsworth describes the world as being consumed with “Getting and spending” which can be interpreted as society destroying themselves with the des...

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