Johann Van Beethoven, The Composer Of The Classical And Romantic Periods

Johann Van Beethoven, The Composer Of The Classical And Romantic Periods

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Beethoven born as Ludwig van Beethoven was born 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He was a musical composer of the classical and romantic periods. “He was born into a family of musicians.” (Ludwig). His father, Johann van Beethoven, was an ordinary court singer better known as an alcoholic than anyone with any musical ability (Ludwig). Beethoven 's grandfather was Bonn 's most prosperous and eminent musician. Beethoven childhood was very rough. Beethoven 's father first taught him music using punishment which affected Beethoven forever. He was usually forced, locked in a cellar to for long hours to practice (Ludwig). He studied the violin and clavier as well as taking additional lessons from organists around town. (Ludwig). Despite of the way his father treated him Beethoven was an extraordinary musician from the beginning.
As Beethoven got older he left Germany to study music with Haydn in Vienna where he spent the rest of his life (Kamien, R.). He earned his money from concerts and piano lessons. He was self- educated and read lots of books. He didn’t have a sense of style in the way he dressed or lived. He had girlfriends, but never formed a lasting relationship. Beethoven changed over time so his works are split up into three periods. The periods consisted of the early (1802) which was his creative period. The middle (1803-1814) period, which reflected his revolutionary spirit, and which he broke all the rules to classical composition. (Unknown). The late period (1815-1827) was the extreme and also when he wrote his two most massive pieces.
By the age of twenty- nine Beethoven began to go deaf (Kamien). He allowed his illness to come together to create a new musical style. Once Beethoven became completely deaf, he was no longer able t...

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...fth movement is presto meaning very fast. Movement six serves as a slow, dull introduction to movement seven. Movement seven is allegro. The finale of the piece returns to the home key of C minor. Beethoven dedicated this musical piece to Baron Joseph von Sutterheim, as a gesture of gratitude for taking his nephew into the army. Beethoven took the string quartet from Haydn and Mozart and made it a more fantastic piece. This quartet was considered as Beethoven’s favorite.
Although Beethoven had a rough life as a child and as he got older, he still was able to produce phenomenal compositions. He refused to conform to traditional musical standards and strived for perfection. Beethoven took composing music to a whole new level. “Beethoven opened up new realms of musical expression that profoundly influence composers throughout the nineteenth century.” (Kamien)

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