Essay on Johann Stamitz: A Classical Era Composer

Essay on Johann Stamitz: A Classical Era Composer

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Johann Stamitz: Classical Era composer
Born as Jan Václav Antonin Stamic and later Germanized as Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz, he was an influential composer and violinist. He was born on June 19, 1717 in Deutschbrod, Bohemia, now called Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic. Stamitz received a musical education from his father from a young age, and attended the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prague for the academic year of 1734 – 1735, and shortly thereafter left the university to become a violin preformer. In 1741, he was employed as a string player in the court orchestra of Mannheim, Germany. Stamitz went on to marry Maria Antonia Luneborn on July 1, 1744, the couple had 5 children, two of which died in infancy. One of their children, named Carl Phillip Stamitz went on to have a successful musical career. By 1745, he was appointed as the concertmaster of the court orchestra at Mannheim, with a role as the conductor and lead violinist. In the years of 1754 – 1755, he travelled to France to conduct for the Concert Spirituel and the Concert Italien, which were the two most important concert series of 18th – century Paris. He returned to Mannheim in 1755, his health rapidly deteriorated and he died in Mannheim on March 27, 1757 at the age of 39. The entry of his death contains the following quote: “March 30, 1757. Buried, Jo'es Stainmiz, director of court music, so expert in his art that his equal will hardly be found “. Overall, he was an accomplished individual and died at a very young age.
In terms on contributions to Classical-Era music, Stamitz is credited with many innovations. As the concertmaster of the Mannheim orchestra, he lead it to a standard unparalleled in it's day. Another extremely influential contribution...

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...aroque composers that lived around the same timeframe as Stamitz include Jan Dismas Zelenka, a prominent Czech composer, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, one of the greatest Baroque composers and George Frideric Handel, a German Baroque composer that often used shifts between major and minor keys. It may be difficult to directly see who influenced Stamitz, but it is simple to see who he influenced. Stamitz was a key person in the transistion between Baroque and Classical music. Through his Mannheim School, he directly influenced many classical era composers such as Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven by intoducing the ability notate the accompaniment of the melodic line with dynamics such as dimmuendo and crescendos . In addition, while it almost seems insignificant; his addition of four movements into a Symphony was adopted by almost every composer in the Classical period.

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