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Early life
Johann Konrad Dippel was born at a small castle, Castle Frankenstein, in southwestern Germany in 1673. He was a born into a devoutly Lutheran family. His father was a 4th generation Lutheran preacher, and it was determined at a very young age that Johann was to follow in his father’s footsteps. At the age of nine, he was entered into a small school called Darmstadt Gymnasium to began schooling on religious matter. By his seventeenth birthday he was studying theology at the University of Giessen. While away at university he gained a reputation for being debatable, yet confrontational and short-tempered. This behavior gained him many friends, who admired his willingness to enter into disagreement, and many enemies who despised his willingness to argue for what seemed the sake of arguing. This pattern would follow him throughout his life and into his studies as a scientist. Through all of this, one thing remained true, everyone, including his enemies, esteemed his brilliance. After graduating from Giessen with a master’s degree, he relocated to Wittenberg and Strasbourg, Germany. He spent most of his time traveling the area preaching. The other part of time he spent writing and publishing religious articles. His articles were distributed through much of Europe. It was also during this time that he began to question the fundamental beliefs of the Lutheran church. His interest peaked in philosophy and the philosophy of other religions. He found himself drawn to a movement which was gaining momentum in Europe, Pietism. During his stay in Strasburg he killed a man during a gun duel and was forced to leave the city. His new found belief Pietism and his forceful removal from Strasburg ignited a passionate distaste for the Lut...

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...allure that Mary Shelley and others after her saw in him.

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