Jog Mehar Shresth An Accomplished Politician Of The Panchayat Days Essay

Jog Mehar Shresth An Accomplished Politician Of The Panchayat Days Essay

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Jog Mehar Shrestha was an accomplished politician of the panchayat days. When he was living in Kupandole, I bumped into him while visiting my friend who lived next door to Shrestha, and greeted him. I was a mere student and he a former minister.
He asked me how I was doing, how my family was, and how my father was, as if he knew me for ages. I had never met him before, and he did not know my father. But he asked all those questions in a fake familiarity that is often typical of politicians. While the first two questions were innocuous in which you could not go wrong, the last one was sensitive. Thank god, my father was alive. Otherwise, how would I have answered him?
Like Jog Mehar Shrestha, India seems to have prepared the joint statement before what Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal met with his counterpart Narendra Modi before they met. So the statement was issued soon after they spoke to each other, in the middle of the visit, not towards the end. The text shows it is biased, in India 's favor.
Foreign Minister Prakash Mahat has claimed that the visit was successful in putting things back on track. Poor Mahat, what else could do in his position? Even if Dahal and Modi had broken each other 's teeth, Mahat would have said the meeting was warm, cordial, and fruitful. It goes with the diplomatic territory.
Besides, it takes integrity and courage of conviction to call a spade a spade and shake things up; many people and a majority of politicians lack such qualities.
India has been helping Nepal with its development activities as well as at times of disasters, and Nepali people should be grateful to India for their generosity despite their own economic problems. Indian politicians and bureaucrats are often reasonable if Nepal prese...

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...d his wife about diplomatic etiquette? Or Dahal and Mrs. Dahal disregarded what they were told?
However much the poor Prakash Mahat burnish Dahal 's India visit, it was a sort of disaster from the national interest perspective. Dahal and Mahat scored a few personal points as New Delhi loyalists, but the country has lost.
Nepal would have been better off without Dahal 's hasty, unprepared visit to India. To be kind to Dahal, Modi-Dahal meeting was a meeting between the unequals like Jog Mehar Shrestha and me. India premier Modi, who had received a lot of adulation in the recent G-20 summit, and his timid Nepali counterpart cast aside for occasional anti-Indian sins.
And the visit was not meant to advance Nepal 's interest. It was meant to expiate Dahal 's anti-India sins and reinstate him as New Delhi 's loyal poodle. The visit was an enormous success in this respect.

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