Joe DiMaggio, One of the Greatest Baseball Players of All Time Essay

Joe DiMaggio, One of the Greatest Baseball Players of All Time Essay

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Joseph Paolo DiMaggio, a career batting average of .325 and 520 extra-base hits, established a definitive role in the game of baseball. Joseph, better known as Joe, DiMaggio was a thirteen-time all-star and a nine-time World Series Champion. He finished his career with 2,214 career hits, 361 career home runs, and an astonishing 1,537 career runs batted in. These statistics earned him a spot in Cooperstown (baseball hall of fame),  with all Major League greats.
Joseph Paolo DiMaggio was born in Martinez, California on November 25th, 1914. His father, Guiseppe DiMaggio, and mother, Rosalie DiMaggio, were Sicilian immigrants who left Italy in 1898. Joe was the fourth son and eighth child of Guiseppe and Rosalie. Fishing was the DiMaggio's family business for many generations. Guiseppe anticipated his sons would follow in his footsteps. Joe, uninterested in the family business, did anything he could to get out of cleaning the boat of the distasteful smell of dead fish, and for this, Joe’s father insulted him with words like “good for nothing.” Joe and his brothers, Vince and Dominic, eluded daily chores by going to the neighborhood sandlots. Joe picked up a baseball for the first time at the age of ten. Joe’s father vocalized his feelings of the game of baseball, but after awhile he noticed that it was no use and just left Joe alone. Joe lost interest in the game at the age of fourteen and instead started selling newspapers. Joe then saw that his older brother Vince got signed by the San Francisco Seals and made money playing baseball. Vince told Joe to take the game more seriously and that he had the talent to make good money. Joe came back to the game and when the Seals needed a shortstop Vince recommended Joe. He played three game...

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...te of the Year in 1941. After he retired he was voted the Greatest Living Player in 1969 in a Poll of Sportswriters. He also got elected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team in 1999. Joseph DiMaggio Died on March 8th, 1999. Baseball would not remain the same without him.

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