Joe Cocker 's Cover Of A Not As Well Known Song By A Mega Popular Band Essay

Joe Cocker 's Cover Of A Not As Well Known Song By A Mega Popular Band Essay

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Joe Cocker’s cover of a not as well known song by a mega popular band (popularity and well known status of the Beatles), combined with the timing of the world (counterculture, experimentation, not so rigid roles) and his own talent and personal twist on “With a Little Help from My Friends” (everything he changed about the song), helped Joe Cocker rise to success that he might otherwise not have found without the indirect help from the Beatles.
The Beatles are an iconic English rock band and are widely regarded as the “foremost and most influential act of the rock era” (Unterberg). Formed in Liverpool in 1960, the Beatles were comprised of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, with Stuart Sutcliffe on bass guitar in January and Pete Best on drums. In 1961, Sutcliffe left to pursue his art studies in Germany, and McCartney took up the bass. In August 1962, Best was replaced with drummer Ringo Starr. This four-person band consisted of thoughtful Lennon on guitar and vocals, bubbly McCartney on bass and vocals, awkward Harrison on lead guitar, and ordinary Starr on drums, though throughout their career at some point in time each Beatle would provide vocals for a song or two. Initially, George Harrison was the primary songwriter but eventually they all had a hand in song writing. In fact, today the Beatles are well known for writing and creating their own material, however, they got their start by doing covers of songs in Liverpool. (Repogle-Wong, Holley). The Beatles’ friendly presentation of androgynous suits and mop top haircuts spoke strongly to their initial fan base, and by the end of 1963, Beatlemania had spread all over Great Britain and with the British Invasion, by 1964 the Beatles were an international sensation. Th...

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...eceived than her original (LECTURE). However, covering an artist that has shaped the rock and roll scene and garnering praise from the masters themselves is no easy feat. If Joe Cocker had chosen a different artist, or different song by the Beatles, his cover may not have reached such a height that it did, due to the fact the mega popularity of the artist would be gone, or if he had covered one of the Beatles’ best works, he might not have done it justice in the eyes of a wide audience. The timing was also exponentially important because in 1969 The Beatles were no longer performing in front of live audiences and a different style of rock was emerging, so this allowed for lots of experimentalism and acceptance from the audience. Joe Cocker is also immensely talented so these 3 factors together whether by luck or fortune or skill helped Joe Cocker rise in popularity.

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