Essay about Job Satisfaction

Essay about Job Satisfaction

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In order to understand turnover’s intention and turnover, it is necessary to define these terminologies first. Turnover intention has been defined as intention of employees to change jobs or companies on a voluntarily basis (Schyns et al., 2007). Turnover intention is the ‘intent to leave’ as the reflection of the possibility that an individuals will change their jobs within a certain time. It is a major predictive for actual employees’ turnover, where individuals with high-withdrawal behaviors will leave organization soon. On the other hand, individuals’ intention to leave their occupation is more difficult decision than to leave their current organizations. Turnover intention is the final stage that taking place before individuals take the actual decision to leave the organization. Individuals’ intention to leave their current organization could be seen through different reaction which starting to think about leaving the organization, talking with other coworkers and friends about their intention to leave the organizations due to certain reasons. Many studies have looked at turnover intention behaviors as a strong predictor of individuals’ actual turnover in the business as an output of poor job satisfaction, poor justice, and poor organizational commitment. Tett and Meyer (1993) cited in (Ching, 2006) discovered that turnover intention predicted the actual turnover. Park and Kim (2009) sporting this notion, where they found out that turnover intention in the nursing is the final stage in their decision to leave their organizations and terminate the employment contracts. Turnover has been defined as "voluntary termination of participation in employment from an organization, excluding retirement or pressured voluntary withdrawal,...

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... organization, as it may damage the organization’s image by making them bad employers and lead to destroy quality of services, innovation, productivity, and customer services, which provide organization with competitive advantages. High turnover is affecting health care personnel and health care organizations. Study of Leiter et. al. (1998), showing that patients admitted on words where nurses expressed their intention to leave the organization, are less satisfied with nurses medical care (Tzeng, 2002).
Moreover, in my opinion, human resource managers in many organizations in the world are not paying the desired attention to the employees’ turnover attention and actual turnover, which make employees developed bad attitudes especially in the light of shortage in the labors market, which make this kind of management practices the major source of employee turnover.

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