Job Satisfaction And Quality Of Care Essay

Job Satisfaction And Quality Of Care Essay

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Studies at acute care hospitals have shown that missed nursing care are a major problem. One particular study was done on 4 hospitals, 11% of missing nursing care was because of a lack of communication and teamwork. (Nursing Outlook 2010) With numbers that high for just 4 hospitals this could affect patient safety. No matter the setting, ineffective communication among staff will have unfavorable effects. Job satisfaction is a major problem for nursing staff, high turnover in nursing staff affect everyone. Studies have observed issues that connected job satisfaction and quality of care. (Journal Of Nursing Management 2014)Unsatisfied staff will have unsatisfied patients. Staffing seems to be an issue in acute care clinics. Medical treatment facilities also need to look at responsibilities and task of nursing staff. They would need look at the responsibilities of registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses(LPN) and certified nursing assistants(CNA). Is it possible the RN is getting the majority of the work because of her education, that clearly a LPN or CNA could handle. To establish nursing teamwork, medical treatment facilities must have a standardized form of communication. Effective teamwork leads to job and patient satisfaction.

Teamwork and communication is the key to any successful relationship. In a nursing facility it is easier said than done. It is very important to have all of your staff on the same page when it comes to patient care, documentation, and standard operating procedures. One way to have better communication is daily goal sheets, which will help staff know what is expected of them. (2015 NurseJournal )The daily goal sheets should be easily accessible and reviewed to make sure one particular pers...

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...nt dissemination of information
• Improvement in teamwork and effective communication
• Staff involvement in decision making

In conclusion, Communication is the key to any successful relationship. In order to have a stronger team, every member must be informed of daily activities and changes. An unhappy team member will not stay where they are not appreciated. Dissatisfaction could lead to missed nursing care. There are many easy steps that could be done to establish nursing communication. A medical treatment facility must also take into account that changes do not happen overnight and not to try to change everything at once overnight. From the research it is clear that communication would rectify so many issues. Patient and employees satisfaction. Management needs to lead by example and show that communication and teamwork will bring a more rewarding environment.

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