Job Satisfaction And Measure The Level Of Satisfaction Essay

Job Satisfaction And Measure The Level Of Satisfaction Essay

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Job satisfaction can be defined in many ways, overall it is a collection of feelings and beliefs that result in positive emotional state resulting from one’s job or job experience (Saari, L.M., & Judge, T.A. 2004). It is difficult to directly identify what influences job satisfaction and measure the level of satisfaction each employee retains. What constitutes as “satisfied” defers for different people; it could be influenced by career opportunities, employee/manager relationships, compensations, and overall work environment. Organization’s recognize that the level of job satisfaction within their employees can have a vast impact on their job performance, therefore it is essential to distinguish techniques to measure and increase career fulfillment.
Important Factors
Factors influencing job satisfaction are ever-changing, the Society for Human Resource Management (2012) states that in the past 10 years there has been a visible fluctuation in the overall job satisfaction of employees. In 2012, 81% of U.S. employees reported overall satisfaction with their job, this number is down five percent from 86% in 2009 and four percent above 77% in 2002. Despite the changing aspects, the following categories tend to generally stay the same.
Career Opportunities
Opportunities in the workplace can cover a wide variety of aspects including promotion opportunities, meeting goals, using their skills and knowledge, job-specific training, career development opportunities, and networking. In 2012, Sixty-three percent of employees rated the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge at work to be the biggest contributor to their satisfaction (Society for Human Resource Management, 2012). This really isn’t surprising in today’s soc...

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...b Satisfaction plays a crucial role in am employees performance. Many factors can contribute to what satisfies or dissatisfies workers; however, from my research I have found that most employees are more concerned about the overall work environment and the work itself compared to compensation or relationships. Most employees find satisfaction in being able to use their specific skills and knowledge. Being able to successfully balance work and home life can have a major impact on a person’s physiological well-being and, in contrast, not being able to productively separate the two can cause complications for an organization. Nonetheless, it is partially the business’s obligation to measure and control job satisfaction for their employees. Overall, job satisfaction can play a huge role in the performance of employees and the productivity of the organization as a whole.

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