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My comprehensive understanding of the Agency's mission and organization goals, I conduct Food Defense and Food Safety surveillance activities with a high-level competency. These reviews encompass a wide range of the food industries from retail markets to rendering firms. Sharing information on recalls, food defense plans and generally taking an active approach to product the food supply. Confirming locations in my area of responsibility are actively registered. To ensure public safety I also obtain ground beef retail samples for microbial testing as required.

I routinely identify violations to the FMIA, PPIA and EPIA, and initiate detention activities to control adulterated and contaminated products in commerce. Documenting Reports of Investigation (ROI) and submitting administrative and criminal prosecution cases. I have been recognized by my peers and management for the work I have performed. On prosecution cases I have submitted to EED or presented to the AUSA I maintain communications for status and update ICS as needed.

I regularly request training to improve my skills and keep my knowledge base up-to-date. I share course material with my Supervisor and peers for classes I attend. For example, I attended some very good classes during the Diversity Conference in 2008; I not only brought back the message but the materials to share with my peers who were not selected to attend.

In my Supervisor’s absence I will act in his place, conducting case reviews, correlating with other investigators on casework and field calls. During one of these times, I had the opportunity to draft a Letter of Warning to the Regional Manager. Supervisory Investigators and/or Investigators do not typically draft LOW‘s. However, I have experi...

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...manuals, and policies. I updated programs as necessary but no less than every six months.

Addressed disciplinary issues with each of the supervisors, providing support and feedback. When necessary, I took disciplinary action directly. Because of the age range, typically working in this business (18-25) it required patience and a structured environment. Conducting reviews with each supervisor a minimum of every six months; we discussed their employee reviews, job satisfaction, their goals, their sales and their overall assessment.

I attended training regularly, one training seminar was Dale Carnegie, which was a weeklong course and some of the training courses were Sales Techniques, Effective Communications for Managers, Leadership Training and Influencing People. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Ellen Chambers, Supervisor's Phone: Unknown)

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