Job Plan For Job Rotation Essay

Job Plan For Job Rotation Essay

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Job design is one of the principles in this case, it is the offset to an additional

Motivation, job satisfaction and commitment to the organization are major influences for employees. I have

noticed that employees are happier and better contributors if, they are being productive and feel part of the


How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?

As a proactive approach, the HIM management has implemented several changes to improve work

motivations and reach their goals.

Sector changes

Sector changes have the pulse on work loads and daily routines. They understand if they are experiencing

low moral, careless errors, boredom or tardiness, they need to address the issue with perhaps a change

towards job rotation. Job rotation keeps employees at the same level but, "changes the view" I have had

this opportunity to job rotate as a experiment. The City has three similar job roles, it was decided to help

other departments, we would cover one another 's Commission meetings. In theory it was a good idea,

however, we quickly realized that it was far better to remain in our current positions and cover our own

Commissions. "The grass is greener on the other side of the fence" did not apply here! We spent so much

time learning the in 's and out 's of the other employees job that each of us were so far behind in our current

positions, we were all at a loss. The company then focused on increases for specialization, that worked far

better. It is important to learn about other departments, but not at the expense of stress and excessive


Organizational changes

Because of a ever changing demographic, businesses like HIM need to stay flexible to the needs of their

clients and...

... middle of paper ... redesign, devise solutions and contingency plans, and obtain clearance for issues related to human resources.

"G"et feedback from superiors, human resource staff, and employees. If positive, implement realignment.

"N"ote effect of redesign and notice contributors to success and celebrate both with public recognition

What was the impact of job enrichment on motivation and communication in the HIS Departments?

When a company actively works towards a common goal, with proper implementation, and a workforce

that knows the company has their best interest at mind reassures personal that they are needed. The lack

of delays from decision making, are removed and balance is restored. Communication is clear with a re-

focus and people are excited to share new ideas. Lastly, the employee perceptions have been addressed

and the company is redirected and realigned.

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