Job Performance And Employee Performance Essay

Job Performance And Employee Performance Essay

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Although intrinsically-motivated jobs are few, workers can be motivated to perform the task itself and thus become satisfied from their good performance. To motivate employees intrinsically and drive involvement, managers should design tasks which are interesting and allow the employees to autonomy in the decisions that concern them. Moreover, the employee’s work should match their skills and abilities. Further, the organization should provide the right characteristics for good performance to enable employees to derive internal satisfaction and motivation to perform well in future. The organization should also perform better on feedback, autonomy, task significance, task identity, and skill variety.
Extrinsic motivation controls work performance although they are not logically-inherent part of the work. They include surveillance and job specifications, deadlines, critical feedbacks, praises, and promised rewards. Salary represents an extrinsic motivator to most employees since higher wages have been found to directly affect job performance and employee involvement. Job performance increases once organizations provide employees a high job security thereby causing satisfaction for employees as well as the motivation to perform well in future.
Challenges that Influence Your Employee Involvement
Studies indicate that workers leave their managers rather than their organizations. As such, interpersonal relationships with managers and supervisors play a significant role in influencing employee involvement. The challenges may arise due to ineffective communication due to cultural differences, communication selectivity, poor listening skills, emotional outbursts, and limited vocabulary. Leaders should realize that workers have some respons...

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...what success looks like.
The best managers strategically align their employee engagement efforts. They know how to communicate engagement 's effect and share best practices across the organization by utilizing the available opportunities to reinforce and recognize the commitment to employee involvement. Leaders should find the best ways to boost employee involvement by empowering employees, engaging them in decision-making, and providing increased job autonomy. The involvement programs are geared towards increased commitment to the organization, employee morale, and job satisfaction, which eventually increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and job turnover. Employers increase involvement through employee suggestion for a, participative decision making, continuous improvement teams, employee task forces or committees, as well as self-managed work teams.

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