Essay about Job Openings And Salary Information

Essay about Job Openings And Salary Information

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From exploring both websites on job openings and salary information nothing specifically stood out to me, especially in the job search criteria. The only interesting tool I enjoyed especially with the O*Net search was the job-opening web along with wages and employment trends. The Job-opening web option allowed me to discover over 70 jobs in Pennsylvania within the title of Mental Health Counselor. I also enjoyed how after an individual searched for a certain career occupation, and clicked on a specific job title, the website would then forward the webpage to the specific job company which obtain multiple information such as a summary of the job position, minimum qualifications and requirements along with pay, and schedule type. Due to this, I personality believe that this is an extremely useful tool, allowing individuals to explore multiple job openings in their area and seek out different companies that need employees.
As for salaries, I was first intrigued when I found state wages for the profession in Pennsylvania. To be completely honest, I was not too surprise to find out their exact calculations for highest amount of pay which is $64,250 in Pennsylvania and a grand total throughout the USA of $68,790. However I was extremely baffled when I found that individuals with a mental health counseling degree could make less than $27,070, in which I acquired through O*Net. Another interesting feature O*Net offered was the annual payment data, along with a median wage per hour, which is $20.13. Due to these statistics it made me really consider what exact job profession I would want to acquire in the mental health counseling field. I would also like to consider more research on what exact job occupations with a good paying sa...

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...ct the occupational outlook handbook expressed how individuals could also explore O*Net for specific field descriptions. However within the website I did enjoy a couple of things, such as the
additional publications it has to offer, along with additional information to multiple websites for certain criteria. By doing this I believe it not overload the page in the career search, and it made a simple find, for individuals to scroll through and decided what they want. I also enjoyed how the occupational outlook handbook provided information regarding licensure requirements, along with additional contact information for the National Board for Certified Counselors, and the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards, giving individuals an easy and quick link to discover what tests they have to attain in order to be mental health car provider.

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