The Job Of Creating Music For Films Essay

The Job Of Creating Music For Films Essay

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In film music, composers use compositional techniques to control, manipulate and alter the objectives and foundation of a story, improving the development of characters, emotions or initiating subtext in film. The job of creating music for film has taken different forms, but as film production and technology changes and improves, the process of scoring music for films has been taken to a high standard of work, involving a strenuous and careful process to provide the film 's objectives to reach their potential. The process involves a set of guidelines a composer must work within in order to create music for film, although aside from those guidelines, composers now strive to rediscover and rework creative new forms of compositional techniques and expressions. Two composers who demonstrate these practices are Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer. The two composers have worked on the Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtracks. A quote by German-born, Hans Zimmer states: “A good score should have a point of view all of its own. It should transcend all that has gone before, stand on its own two feet and still serve the movie. A great soundtrack is all about communicating with the audience, but we all try to bring something extra to the movie that is not entirely evident on screen.” Although all film composers aim to achieve this statement, the quote is spoken thoroughly and demonstrated through Klaus Badelt 's score for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl, and is later echoed by Zimmer in the movie 's later sequels.

So as to genuinely comprehend why these two musical artists created the soundtrack we now hear today, we should first address the reason that they needed to centre upon – pirates. Pirates are delegated a gathering of crim...

... middle of paper ...

...of Zimmer and Badelt, they have both brought forth another sense to the movie, ranging from exhilarating fast-paced bass rhythms with majestic tunes to slow and moving romantic themes all compiled in three films. With this music, they have implemented several musical contrivances and betokened clear messages through the film, both in themes and details. Both composers have utilised the film score profusely to convey the director’s messages and portray characterisation. As stated initially, in film music composers use compositional techniques to control, manipulate and alter the objectives and foundation of a story - in which Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer has most certainly executed into the film and music industry. Their work is prominent amongst all walks of life and creates pathways for new and upcoming film composers to create their own foundation upon future films.

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