Job Management At Work And At Home With Our Children

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In everyday life, problems comes across every individual person no matter your social or professional position. No matter what we do in our daily activities, we cannot escape the facts of coming across unexpected plans an organizations. Whether we are working on a big project or simple management at work and at home with our children, time management and critical thinking is always important. To be successful in business mean to manage projects, analyze situations and make reliable decision using relevant digital tools and information. As a chief operating officer in a a huge production company, my responsibility is to make sure that company function properly for a better income revenue. For this perspective, providing a good leadership, management and vision should be the first priority. As we can identify, this is an easy task by itself. Time management is the key to accomplish our schedule. However no matter how organize any human being can, obstacle or unplanned event can come up, putting people in a complicate position to think and make the best decision. In this case, we have to analyze the situation and choose to do the most important things to do. On the "to do list" of Schmearton, there are several critical things he planned to do during the day like first, meeting with a supplier to renegotiate a contract for the toilet paper and cleaning supplies used in the restroom for business. Second, interviewing a candidate for an open position as a supervisor on the production line. Third he needed to complete the monthly report that is due that day for his boss. Finally, he has also schedule to do inspect a critical portion of the production. In addition of this ... ... middle of paper ... to renegotiation the current expensive of our restroom supplies. I might come up with the agreement of reducing this cost so is very important. Keeping the outgoing expensive of the company is one of the priority of my boss and I have to make sure that point is mark done. The implications of my decisions are multiple. Taking action for the better growing of my company is a big responsibility. This involve hard working in order to satisfied the consumers, improve the efficiencies of our products, and reduce all possible cost for the company. At the same time I need to consider the connection between offering good management in my company and providing high quality products and services to the customers. I believe this decision will make the voluminous stock and our company to take over the market with can lead to high income revenue and a successful business.

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