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Job Enrichment And Job Design Essay examples

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Upon review of the case study given, many conclusions can be made about job enrichment and job design. Motivation is key when attempting to inspire employees to achieve better, and higher quality work. It is very interesting to look at the case study in terms of what was learned in the textbook and see how the different theories of needs applied directly to the workplace. Managers have to acquire a vast arsenal of information on different personality types, how to inspire the many people under them, while at the same time keeping rewards for top achievers equal, and have to know the proper way to give feedback to the not so motivated types. Keeping things fair and consistent is key in the managerial field.
The principles of goal setting in this case correlate directly to “working smarter” and the analysis of how to achieve this goal. Managements job is to look at the organization of their team. They then will examine how the team is structured in terms of how well they work as a group. Questions may arise such as, does this specific team get the job done right, efficiently, and quickly? If not, then the question the manager is now faced with is, who should be moved out of the team (the lowest performer, or the least motivated). Perhaps it is just a question of motivating the team in a different way as a whole, or moving the team to a different assignment instead of moving a member out of the group. The next principle of goal setting the manager will have to look at is the cost effectiveness of the implementation of what they are setting forth to achieve. Looking at who is working each job and considering if perhaps one person could add more to their workload may be an option. Upon further analysis of another employee’s...

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...rectly report to the manager (Layman 2011). This will help the employee re-think what they should focus on at certain hours of the day that appear to have a lag in production. Job enrichment has motivated employees to take control of their work in a manner that suites them and makes them want to do better. Knowing that they have more freedom, but at the same time having to log what they are doing will help keep them on the right track.
The case analysis has proven that with well thought out job redesigns employees as well as management will work at a higher capacity. Working smart is a key word for ensuring motivation stays high and also saves money and time. Any business would profit from looking at current positions within the company and apply the rules of job enrichment to ensure employees are happy and motivated and eliminating unnecessary positions.

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